Sara Fairfax & Jo Dove

22 Activity Panels with Haikus (in book)

Left side panels
Right side panels
Climbing ladders, sticking posters
'Sign up now'
Asking for help
Rosy red apples
Collected in baskets
My fingers are numb
Tiny flags blowing in the breeze
Making money
For the war
Collecting sacks of conkers
Freezing fingers
No complaining
Girl Guides delivering milk
Frozen fingers, chilly noses
No complaining
Watching all the crops grow,
Rain and wind blow<
While snow melts slow
In the early morning
Children queue for food
Before school starts
Feeding hungrt chickens,
Hard days work ahead
Glad when it's all over
Collecting waste paper
To recycle and reuse
On wheeled carts
School boys working together
Helping to harvest
Girls doing their duty
Scrubbing floors
Dusting shelves
For the war
Get up early,
Harness sleepy mules,
Start now finish quicker
The wood is chopped,
Washing hung,
The work is nearly done
Boys in muddy fields
Spread muck for farmers
Big or small, just help!
Worried children
Donate savings for war bonds
For the war effort
Girls and boys
Practice semaphore
To send secret messages

Blankets, socks, jumpers,
To send to soldiers
On the front

Shush1 Don't tell,
Boy Scouts delivering messages
Helping wounded Tommies,
By cutting cloth
Into bandages
Boy Scouts out and about
Practising first aid
To help others
Knitting warm scarves and socks
Makes my hands ache
And fingers blister
Trapping rabbits
Makes a nutrious meal
For hungry children