Sara Fairfax

wellington school: artweek mosaic


Working with Year 1 & 2 pupils, we made two circlular wall mosaics for the new play area at Wellington Junior School, Somerset during their annual art week in September 2006.

Pupils of all ages worked on different projects, our project focused on the plants and animals of the woodland environment.

Pupil using stencils pressed into clay to created raised forms. Texture was added to these forms.  
Applying individual mosaic pieces after arranging the design, also done piece by piece.   Grouting was quite a task, and so was the cleaning of each tile.   Installing the second panel. Pupils have a great visual puzzle to look at. Finding matching tiles, playing eye spy, or a point to meet a friend.  
  Tiles were made with stoneware clay, painted with oxides and finished with a transparent glaze. Other ceramics were donated by parents and teachers of the school. Tiles are fixed to marine ply with waterproof adhesive and grout.