Sara Fairfax & Jo Dove

raw artwork projects: Bradford & Oake Primary


Bradford & Oake Mosaic 2013/14

The focus of this mosaic was about time and growth, the time spent at school and the growth that each child under go at their time in primary school. This was explored through the processes of growth in nature. In the mosaic we have rain, a river and plant growth. The tiles have imprints of the foliage found in the landscape. The structure of the mosaic is a series of undulating tiles with a river of single circluar tiles, representing both the collective and the indiviual aspects of school life. Around the outside of the mosiac are aspirational words chosen by staff and children that encourage individual progress but also words that express the communal nature of learning, emphaising that learning is enhanced by working together.

The mosaic starts with the beginning of the river and expands up, out and onwards. This process is fed and watered by teachers, parents, each other and the community. The over riding image is of a fertile landscape with the steady flow of individuals carried up stream by organic natural processes, echoing the organic natural of personal and social growth. The glazes reflect this in that they are they natural oxides and compliment the surrounding environment..

Final day of installation: cementing in the last tiles