Sara Fairfax

arcimbaldo print prject Yr. 11

      This is some of the work produced by one Year 11 student in response to a project entitled 'Changing the Apperance of the Human Form'. Looking at a range of artists from Archimboldo to the animator Jan Svankmajer, Picasso, Francis Bacon and others who have explored different ways of expressing themselves or others through the image of the human head. Svankmajer uses the work of Archimboldo as a social and political commentary, and pupils were encouraged to engage in the way art can act as a powewrful force of communication for social and cultural change. This particular pupil focused on the way the self can be distorted/changed to become fluid and adaptable to different situations, the final piece reflecting the nature of camoflage and adapting to different environments and social situations in her print work. Blending in and adapting to different situations is something we all do ie. the difference between the public and the private self and this work conveying a sense of her fluidity as a person in different environments.